Canada Green Building Council (CAGBC) is an Ottawa-based, not-for-profit organization with individual and corporate members across the country. The national office supports the efforts of eight provincial chapters. The overriding goal of CAGBC is to transform Canada with greener buildings and healthier communities. It also seeks to create a more sustainable future through their national network of green building knowledge.

Our work with CAGBC was four-fold:

Phase 1. Stakeholder Engagement
This involved: interviews with external stakeholders; membership survey; competitive set review; and an industry analysis

Phase 2. Branding Refresh
Including: strategic positioning, a logo update, tagline development and a brand style guide

Phase 3. Three-year communications plan/budget
Our aim here was to: consolidate existing members; attract new members; launch programs and products; leverage authority of CAGBC; drive visits through Social Media; grow National Conference; and better articulate value of organization

Phase 4. Build a responsive website and refresh key content