Take two charming and quirky hosts, and send them with a camera crew to chronicle their 14-week adventure having a summer of fun, and what have you got? Answer: The @perfectwknds Travel Reports and a major driver of social media activity in support of the campaign for Kawarthas Northumberland tourism.

Here are links to all fourteen videos:

1. Web Series Introduction

2. Ganaraska Forest Tree Top Trekking

3. Church Key Brewing

4. Lindsay Pane Vino

5. Lang Pioneer Village

6. Port Hope 

7. Bobcaygeon Houseboating Part 1

8. Bobcaygeon Houseboating Part 2

9. Peterborough Canoe Museum

10. Brighton

11. Buckhorn

12. Bobcaygeon

13. Butter Tart Tour

14. Peterborough Music Fest